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James Suckling

Very happy to share the scores given by the American critic James Suckling!

James Suckling is part of the world’s most influential elite of international wine critics.
In its 2020 report, it states that Argentina has given this year “the best wines in its history” and highlighted several of the wines from Bodega Familia Schroeder.

We present the scores of the 2020 report:

– Saurus Barrel Fermented Malbec 2019: 93 points
– Alpataco Pinot Noir 2019: 93 points
– H. Schroeder Extra Brut: 92 points
– Saurus Barrel Fermented Pinot Noir 2018: 92 points
– Saurus Select Pinot Noir 2019: 92 points
– Saurus Select Malbec 2019: 91 points
– Alpataco Malbec 2019: 90 points
– Alpataco Chardonnay 2019: 90 points