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THE WINERY NOW – Sprouting

The Winery now


Sprouting is the first sign that a new season is coming. Previous to this, the vine absorbs humidity from the soil and reactivates the buds located in the aerial part of the plant, where it has been guided through pruning. This stage of the cycle consists on the plant “waking up” from its hibernation state. 

As the sprouting progresses, sleeping buds in the trunk and arms of the strain start to wake up too. At this time, the winery’s team of agronomists begin with one of the most culturally important tasks in the vineyard: the “debudding”. Through this process, they leave out only the necessary buds to prevent an excess of grapes and vegetation. “This type of practice guarantees that the vine will grow under better conditions by reducing the amount of weight the plant has to carry thus allowing it to better feed the bunches left to reach the desired quality of the fruit” explains Ramiro Guiroy, winegrower at the Familia Schroeder Winery. 

Moreover, the buds are arranged in such a way that it allows the sun rays and fresh air to reach every single bunch. Once the plants reach an ideal height of 2 meters, the apexes (tip of the bud) are trimmed; this part of the process puts a stop on the vine’s growth and allows it to focus its energy on the buds. 

In this particular area, the treatment of canopies is of utmost importance. The plants depend on the winery’s building to protect themselves from the damages that the strong winds of the area may cause. Nevertheless, these strong winds also benefit the plants health and the quality of the grapes.