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The story behind the wine: Alpataco

The story behind the wine


The Alpataco brand from the Familia Schroeder Winery is a mix of two different lines that were conceived just for exportation but are now also sold in local markets. These are wines that come from specially selected plots in our state in San Patricio del Chañar. 

Its name, Alpataco, comes from a native shrub, filled with thorns, that symbolizes the tenacity and resilience of life in the Patagonian steppe. It has an unbreakable spirit. Not even the harsh winds or dry weather, characteristic of this area, will prevent it from bearing a generous fruit that was once food for the native people. 

Alpataco was born in the year 2008 as a wine made and designed just for exportation. A few years ago, we decided to test if this varietal would be approved by the Argentinian palate and we are slowly incorporating more varietals” explains Leo Puppato, the winery’s winemaker. “The idea with Alpataco is to reach some unique paths, by doing a thorough and customized commercial job”.

Alpataco is mainly sold in the United Estates of America, Brazil, England, and Argentina. “The winemaking process we use is traditional. By taking advantage of gravity, the involvement of pumps is reduced to a minimum and it allows us to work in a careful and protective manner”, says Puppato. The winery’s low yield and the production method give birth to fresh and refined wines, which thoroughly express the varietal’s typicity and the uniqueness of the terroir. 

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