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A STORY BEHIND A WINE – Saurus Barrel Fermented Cabernet Franc

A story behind a wine

Saurus Barrel Fermented Cabernet Franc

Saurus Barrel Fermented, our line of “author wines,” offers limited editions of numbered bottles bearing the name of its maker, as it is elaborated by means of a peculiar, complex process. Each Saurus Barrel Fermented is a compendium of the creativity, inquisitiveness, and talent of our Enologist Leonardo Puppato. 

A new wine was added to this line in 2019: the Saurus Barrel Fermented Cabernet Franc. “The cycle for this variety is quite similar to that for Malbec, which is shorter than for Cabernet Sauvignon. That’s why Patagonia has such a good influence on the ripening of this grape,” says Puppato.

Peculiar and unique from the picking of grapes in selected plots to the winemaking stage, Saurus Barrel Fermented Cabernet Franc has undergone an alcoholic fermentation in new oak barrels located in climate-controlled cellars, but following the vinifying  process that is usual for a white wine. Only the juice was fermented, without seeds and skins as would be the traditional method. 

Then it was aged for 8 months in new French oak barrels (60%) and American oak barrels (40%). All these barrels come with a special toasting that respects the fruit without overpowering it, thus guaranteeing that the freshness of the variety will prevail. At the request of the enologist, the barrel makers carried out the toasting process for the exclusive use of Bodega Familia Schroeder.

The label’s design shows a technical sheet including information about clone data, the plot, the varietal, the bottle number, the day when the grapes were harvested, when they were placed in barrels for fermentation, how long the wine remained in barrels, the bottling date and, of course, the enologist’s signature. This is a wine to be offered and explained, a sommelier’s wine, interesting for restaurants and high-end wine stores.