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Deseado Extra Brut




Balanced sparkling wine made with selected grapes from our own vineyards. Extra Brut of complex aromas, fresh mouthfeel and persistent bubbles. Serve between 6º and 8ºC.

VARIETAL 40% Chardonnay
40% Pinot Noir
20% Sauvignon Blanc
Manual Harvest.
Each base varietal is obtained separately: After a gently squeeze enzymes and selected yeasts are added to undergo temperature controlled (14°C/15°C) fermentation during 15 to 20 days until reaching low alcohol and pleasant acidity wines. Base wines are kept on their lees for 4 months until blending. Blended base wine is then put into pressure-resistant tanks. Tirage liquor and yeasts are added to induce a second fermentation at low temperatures (between 13°C and 14°C). The resulting wine is left in contact with its lees for 4 months. Addition of expedition liquor, cold stabilization and bottling.

Alcohol: 12,8%
Residual sugar: 10,90 g/l
Total acidity: 6,85 g/l
PH 3,22