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Our Winery now

Our Winery now


Pruning, one of the most important jobs in the vineyard, permits to maintain a proper balance in the yield of grapes throughout time, promoting healthy, high-quality fruit.   Besides, it lengthens the life of vines.

Each pruning marks the beginning of a new season. This activity begins in the first days of June, while the plants are dormant. A team who works at the finca throughout the year is in charge of this task; it is a group of approximately six pruners that gain experience year after year. Due to the size of our finca, our staff is small, and we hire workforce from a work cooperative. Premium vines are assigned to our team because they have experience, and know the vineyard and how to carry out a neat, clean job.

Snow is a rare occurrence in our region, though this year was the exception, and snowfall added beautiful landscapes to the vineyards. What we do have is a season with significant frosts that stretches from mid-May up to the beginning of September. These cold days are essential for the fall of leaves, and to adapt the size of the plant so it fits the space where it grows, to facilitate the task of the agronomy team.  Besides, the cold keeps the vines dormant, and gives our team time to finish the pruning process. As soon as temperatures begin to rise, the vines “wake up” and bud break is near.