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Our people

 Mariano Diletti

Mariano Diletti is our winery’s Second Enologist, one of the people in charge of our treasures. He’ll have been working for us for 9 years by November 2022

Born in Villa Regina, in the province of Río Negro, Mariano obtained his degree in Enology in Mendoza, where he held his first temporary jobs at wineries such as Trapiche and Chakana. 

But he was destined to consolidate his professional growth in Patagonia, at the Familia Schroeder winery. “By word of mouth, I learned at the time that the winery needed an enologist for laboratory and winery, so I sent my CV to Leonardo, and a few days later I was called for an interview with him and the Human Resources Manager,” he says. The initial interview was towards the end of October, and a month later he was already living in one of the houses in the winery grounds.

Leaving Mendoza wasn’t easy, I was engaged at the time and for several months we had to maintain our relationship at a distance,” he avows. “On the other hand, as I am from Río Negro, it was good to be nearer my family.”

For him, Patagonia is an ideal place for winemaking, with great potential. He emphasizes its extreme climate, endless landscapes, plus the pure melt-water of its mighty, fast-flowing rivers, and the constant winds that preserve the health of the fruit. “Patagonia is my home, my terroir. This High Valley was the place my grandparents chose when they had to flee from war. They came here in 1950,” he tells us with nostalgia.

Mariano loves bubbles. “Since I began to study Enology, I have been passionate about the making of sparkling wines, a process that requires much time and dedication. At Bodega Familia Schroeder, with the great working group I have with my fellow team members we are able to offer a wide range of bubbling wines.”